Network Support ServicES

Network support engineers focus on both user needs and system requirements in order to design, set-up and maintain businesses computer networks. Whether it’s done in-house or for clients, engineers will gather data on systems, routers, and other hardware in order to build and manage fully operational networks

  • Router support (Legacy and SDWAN including Session bases routers)

  • Switches support

  • Troubleshooting and Installation

  • Voice guidance to end user and client help desk

  • Implementing Emulator to make it easy to guide customer

  • Warranty Support and Expired Warranty support

  • VMWare Velocloud Support

Network Operations offerings Join Us now!

  • Assisting and providing consultancy services to clients (should it be required)

  • Supervising and ensuring there is an optimal level of technical backup at all times

  • develop and maintain IT networks

  • analyze, troubleshoot, and maintain computer networks

  • monitor network performance, optimize server capacity, and secure networks and data.

  • repair network errors at client locations and perform network upgrades

  • provide technical help directly to users

  • Performing troubleshooting on all programs when required Join Us now!

Tasks Involved in Network Operations

    • Collaborating with the IT department on the deployment and maintenance of network technologies.

    • Testing the exchange of data between computers, servers, modems, and routers

    • Installing, configuring, and updating network software, as well as maintaining hardware and network devices.

    • Performing diagnostic tests and repairs, as well as developing data archiving, backup, and retrieval procedures.

    • Optimizing server capacity to keep up with demand in online traffic. Join Us now!

Our Network Engineers are instilled with Exceptional Skills

  • Communication skills - in order to work with the correct teams to resolve problems, you’re going to need to have strong communication skills.

  • Problem-solving skills - a lot of the role revolves around being able to diagnose and solve problems, so this is an essential skill for those looking for a career in Network Support.

  • Computer and networking skills - it goes without saying that you’re going to need to know all there is know about the systems you’re using, which is why computer and networking skills are so important. Join Us now!

  • Experienced as a network support technician.

  • In-depth knowledge of network infrastructure, architecture and connectivity

  • Superb analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.

  • Willingness to travel to client locations.

  • Availability to perform urgent network repairs outside of business hours. Join Us now!