Business Process As a Service


Is it becoming an uphill challenge to set and achieve marketing goals through your product promotion? Well, you need professional help. Outsource product promotion services to SSM and watch the best of product promotion strategies unfold before your eyes, creating interest among target audience who becomes your word of mouth carrier to drive product awareness in endless cycles. At SSM, we invest big in marketing automation and smart technologies that become the driving force of the product promotion services.

Being a leading provider of product promotion services in India, we have a ton of experience in helping small and large business get their products out in front of the target audience and get responded with applause and sales opportunity. We end your perpetual struggle to get noticed from the crowd so you can get your sight on bigger goals.

Product Promotion Services We Offer

SSM has 23 years of experience in product promotion services. Therefore, we have an innate knowledge of the process and do our best to bring attention to your product. Our customer service support includes -

  1. Brand/Product Hotlines
    We set up appointments with prospects over the phone call and discuss their challenges. We will identify the best product from your portfolio that meets the customer's purpose and especially makes them repeat the order. Without being salsey, we remind prospects about the value that can be had by choosing your products and all the accompanying benefits.

  2. Product Advisory Notices Services
    Being top product promotion services providing company, we have product promotion consultants who analyze the market, scouring for information that you can use to your marketing advantage. They weigh in marketing sentiments, demand trends, and product sustainability reports to bring forth a strategy that works by placing your product in a way it convinces buyers or to start a new demand trend.

  3. Outcome Research
    If you already have an ongoing promotion, our team can run a comprehensive assessment to provide detailed insights based on research findings. The information would allow us to make decisions that enhance your product outreach.

  4. Product Recall Management
    If you want to run a recall to fix parts of the products rolled out to customers, we will offer you product recall management in a disorganized environment so that we can assess risk by testing products and prepare a solution to offer fix without putting you in financial turmoil.

  5. Line Extension Introductions
    As a product promotion service provider, we help you swap your in-house call center ops with a leaner and more responsive alternative. We can provide your customer with the same experience that your in-house team provides, in a better way so that your resources will be freed to focus on improving product portfolio and more.

Why Outsource Customer Service Support with us?

At SSM, we are deeply committed to offering the best of our product promotion solutions to businesses facing challenges. We decode consumer demands and design robust product promotion services to boost the reach. Here are the reasons why we are the best product promotion services in India -

  • Certified Customer Support Services Provider
    O2I complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standards. When it comes to ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Affordable Lead Generation
    The Product Promotion services we provide are affordable to most businesses whether big or small. Our modest rates allow you to get the best value without breaking the bank.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
    Outsourcing product promotion services is made efficient as we have the bandwidth and technology to produce highest-quality results.

  • ISMS Certified Data Management
    O2I is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company that adheres to the information security policies laid down by the ISMS.

  • High-quality Product Promotion Services
    We ensure that the promotion designed by our team are highly compliant with the prescribed quality standards.

  • Quick Turnaround Time
    The product promotion services we offer are quick and lets you save time than having it done in-house.

  • Easily Scalable
    We understand a lot could change after you have outsourced the product promotion, so we can keep up with the change by scaling to the pace of your business.

  • Expert Call Center Agents
    We have highly trained agents who are analytics experts, and market research. They have immense operational experience and know the best tools to automate product promotion.

  • 24/7 Availability
    We can be reached round the clock because our contact centers are never shut. You can contact our live agents by phone call, email, or web chat to get the fastest response