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Follow-up process


A direct mail follow-up or email follow-up ensure that your potential customers are frequently reminded of your products/services. It will, in turn, help them look back at your services/products. If client follow-up is not part of your core competency, consider outsourcing email management services to an expert provider of direct mail follow-up services in India.

At SSM, we have catered our services to several global customers and increased their sales by facilitating their marketing campaigns with our expert direct mail follow-up services. With our years of experience in the field of customer follow-up, we can approach your potential customers by following up on the regular direct mails and convert them into loyal customers. If you choose Outosure2india as your offshore customer follow-up services partner, you can give your business a competitive edge.

Our Direct Mail Follow-up Services -

We leverage our expertise to follow-up on the emails that you send to your customers through the following three ways -

  • One-on-one Conversation
    We connect with customers through customized emails which helps us take the relationship further. We also have a definitive support style that includes a time-tested email tone, language & structure, visuals, and workflow.

  • Email Reminders
    To ensure repeat business and boost the relationship with the client, we send reminder emails to the executives to remind them of the earlier message or email.

  • Insights & Reporting
    Direct mail follow-up is a powerful marketing tactic that can track a customer's buying decision. We can help you gather customer insights on their challenges and interests by focusing on all the touch-points and help you create an effective marketing or sales campaign.