Recession in America Affecting India

Another NEWS of an Indian being fired by an American Company recently. People's favorite was Elon Musk when they acquired Twitter, which sounded like great news. But within no time, he decided to cost-cutting and put an $8 price to the blue tick. Elon says advertising hasn't made much money, so he decided to cut down Indian staff. So much smartness and rich inside that he didn't think. Indian currency is 80 INR to 1 USD. I wonder if he could make that profit by spending in USD and earning in INR. 


I have never been a fan, and I am not one anymore. He had that money to buy Twitter for $44B and still no sense of management. The team who worked for years was just kicked out without notice. How would you feel when you reach the office and find the door locker? Offices were empty. Leadership was scared to face their employees, so they did not turn up. People utterly dependent on a job has gotten their life screwed. A few people were admitted to the hospital because they were the only earning member in their family, and now there were no earnings. 

India is entirely dependent on the foreign make, and the recession in the US is affecting it badly in India. Are we still enslaved? I don't know which decade I live in right now. Please remind me that this is 2022, not 1946.

I believe this is the time we wake up. India has been the fastest developing country. Market Leaders had their first focus on India. If they can, then why can't we do the same? Should we start working for ourselves if they can't outsource to us anymore? Let's focus on the home country that built things and be nationalist until everything returns to normal. 

Companies are hiring at low costs to keep more people employed during this recession. You can also work from home, and you should be able to make 10000 INR onwards.

We are talking further on this topic. Twitter India might have been the first with layoffs, but Musk has plans to cut  3700 jobs globally. "Those who cannot log in to the system are laid off. I have not been able to log into my system." a senior executive said in an interview. We might find here more globally.

A case against Twitter has been filed in the San Fransisco Federal Court, as employees were not provided with a Notice Period.

Not sure about the truth, but we are affected. Some other telecom companies were also laid-off, and a few asked their employees to resign. Otherwise, they will be terminated without a notice period. Indian leadership is just taking orders and implementing them. What else should they do? They are also enslaved.

I hope at this crucial time, everyone to have faith and patience. You lost a job, but you are still breathing. Which means you can still bring that change. Contact me for any assistance if required. Let's work together and be the change.

Date: November 6th, 2022