Security and Exchange Board of India

Good New or Bad News for Share Traders


SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India) is working towards providing a new payment system to Share Traders that will help you keep your money with you until you possess your booked IPO slots or Stocks. That means you don't need to deposit the funds in the broker's account and wait for the stocks to be available. Isn't it good?

Brokers won't be getting any more interest on the money that we keep in their bank or wallet.

As per the current system, we move our money from our bank account to the broker's bank account. Only the money is used when the IPO slots are available, though not all of the capital. There is still some money of us left in the broker's account. This helps brokers to earn interest on money that is not even theirs.

'We are now actively engaged in the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Account)-like system for the secondary market. If you are buying shares, the money should never leave the account until the settlement is done," as said by SEBI Chairperson Madhabi Puri Guch in Global Fintech Fest 2022 held at Mumbai in Reliance Office.

But everything has its pros and cons. Now that we have our money with us arises, a question: 'Brokers don't have any alternatives to make money. Will that increase the broking charges?' Because booking, as the word itself, represents a mediator who would charge a significant amount for any service being provided. They have been making money through interest, so we have been assigned a bit less booking amount. However, this has been going on for over two decades.

But SEBI experts have their plans and technique. They won't be applying ASBA on the derivatives and alternatives; Cash markets are to be affected first by testing and implementation.

I am not sure if it's good or bad news, in any case. I consider myself the Hunt of Brokers because I will always have to pay till I am bankrupt. I recently spent over 1.5L rupees in taxes. I wish that if the taxes were less, giving my money away to brokers would never have been a PIMA.

Curated Article By: Anurag Tiwari